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Many people would say ID is 'product design' in a nutshell. During my education and career experiencing ID, I've learned that its not only about products that are created, its also about an 'experience' and telling a story. The way people learn, interact and use products throughout their lives both physically and digitally. ID to me is about a compilation of all types of design not only product design but also a lot of strategic research along with some graphic design, interface and user experience design. As a research designer, I enjoy speaking with field experts, conducting lead-user interviews, and understanding the empathy of others.

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UX and UI

Since 2012 I have found a strong interest in User Experience (UX) Design as well as User Interface (UI) Design.* I enjoy learning about users through interviews and focus groups. I have experience compiling lifestyle trends, user personas, as well as managing project schedules, designing surveys, running customer & patient focus group sessions. I am also passionate about helping create a simpler interface and user experience on our latest digital devices.

*Many of my current UX and UI projects are under strong confidentiality agreements and can not be shown at this time.

Google Flight
UX Findings Exercise

Google launched 'Google Flight' to help users book the cheapest flight in a more customized way. There are still a few site upgrades and can be fixed using a new user research plan I came up with.

A. Review of Current Website
B. User Research Plan
C. Sample Research Segments

This is just a small sample of what the research plan could look like if this were to be a full project.

Jenna Goldblatt. Fall 2016

User Interface Design

Blackboard Concepts
Web & Mobile Re-design

UX and UI go hand in hand, this is a quick study I did of an educational web platform known as Blackboard. Designs were based on the current website and using collected teacher and student feedback. Here are a few mock up website redesign concepts along with a possible Mobile App.

Jenna Goldblatt. Spring 2015

ID Projects

Tea Kettle Design

This project was designed for a tea kettle competition called "Tea-off" sponosored by "World Kitchen." Learning about the various molding processes of how products are formed, I discovered how to design and go about manufacturing a metal and glass teapot. Although this tea kettle was not actually physically created, it mimics a realistic product. Rendering created in Alias.

Jenna Goldblatt. Syracuse University. Spring 2009
Project advised by Rob Englert

ID Projects

Food System Research Box Collaboration

For more than two months, our research team, Giraffe, has been digging into the flaws in our food systems. With in our research team we aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of current issues, hence identifying design opportunities.
From these findings, we identified 5 main areas of design opportunity- education, networking, alternative storage, transportation systems, and community-supported agricultural systems. We did extensive research for about three months and created a design research box. This box was meant to be presented to a design team, who would take all of our research and create a design solution based on the research we provided in the box.

Design Team:
Jamie Garabedian, Jenna Goldblatt, Alan Kwok and Jeena Lee. Syracuse University. Fall 2009.
Advised by Kathleen Brandt.

ID Projects

Multi-disciplinary Design

For about two months, our research team, J² has been looking into water pollution and its effect on wildlife. With in our research team we aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of current issues, hence identifying design opportunities.
As you can see from our research and flow charts, the design has changed drastically by talking with various collaborators. Our proposal focuses on how fragile our ecosystems can be and how we need to do our part as designers to account for this.

Design Team: Jessie Alpert and Jenna Goldblatt.
Syracuse University. Spring 2009.
Advised by Garth Roberts.

ID Projects

Sketching Form // Footwear

Medium: Ball point pen and Adobe Photoshop

Jenna Goldblatt. Fall 2013


Graphic Design

In my spare time I enjoy doing a variety of graphic design projects as well as sketching and experimenting in other materials such as pastels, oil paint and acrylic.

Throughout my time at Syracuse , I became involved with playing ultimate frisbee. The sport has followed me abroad and all the way up to Boston. I am currently playing on a variety of teams throughout the city and am constantly being asked to design team jerseys. Here are a few recent designs.

Medium: Adobe Illustrator and Screen Printing.

Jenna Goldblatt. 2013

Jewelry Design

Ceramic Sterling Ring

Throughout my time at Syracuse University, I enjoyed experimenting with materials such as ceramic and metal. I took a variety of studio classes to explore the possibilities of different mediums. This project was about the casting process. Learning how to create a wax mold and filling it with molten metal. As an industrial designer I feel that it is necessary to know the process of casting. No matter what materials I chose in my future, the terminology and process is usually very similar. I enjoy working precisely on small metalwork as well as large metal sculptures.

Medium: Glazed ceramic and sterling silver.

Jenna Goldblatt. Syracuse University. Fall 2010
Project advised by Lori Hawke


Why I chose rituals

It's fascinating to me, that we interact with objects sometimes without even realizing we are. I began my thesis researching rituals. Sometimes we are stuck in the same routine without even realizing how important everyday ritualistic objects are. Is this just because we are so accustomed to using them? Do we just look past their design? Are they made well? Have we adapted ourselves around these objects? These are just a few of the ideas I was beginning to think about.

As my research continued throughout the year, I decided to focus on family meal time rituals. Family meals promote conversation, the sharing of ideas, and a sense of belonging. How can we incorporate our private digital lives into an environment that promotes togetherness and sharing during meal time? ‘Digital Dinner’ deals with how we share digital media with others seated at the dinner table. Using a bowl as an interface, content is stored and presented in a tangible form. Videos, photos and music can now be passed, scooped, or even tasted. How will this affect our digital lives and our future meal etiquette?

Digital Dinner-Thesis Project from Jenna Goldblatt on Vimeo.

Professional Projects

As a professional in the design field, I have worked on a variety of projects including research design, graphic design, exhibition design and mural design. Unfortunately much of my current professional work is confidential, but here are a few professional projects I have worked on throughout my career.

Design Museum Boston

Getting There: Design for Travel in the Modern Age

When I moved to Boston in the fall of 2011, I discovered Design Museum Boston. Design Museum Boston is a 'pop-up' museum geared towards educating the public about design. I began at Design Museum Boston as a volunteer then became a content developer for the Getting There exhibition and helped plan and coordinate other exhibitions as an Assistant Project Manager. This was the first exhibition I worked on with the museum as a content developer. I worked closely with Samsonite, our presenting sponsor, to gather exciting content for our exhibition

First two photos are at our Logan Airport opening in Terminal E and the third photo was from the exhibitions first home at Grand Circle Gallery in Boston, MA.

Professional Projects

Design Museum Boston

Street Seats

Street Seats is an international design challenge that was launched in September 2012. Design Museum Boston invited individuals and teams from around the world to design an iconic bench or ‘street seat’ for the Fort Point Channel in South Boston’s up and coming Innovation District. As an assistant project manager I organized all international participants and scale models as well as helped recruit judges and sponsors for the exhibition.

To learn more about Street Seats please visit:

Professional Projects

Louis Nelson Design

The summer of 2010 I interned for Louis Nelson Design in New York City. LND design is a small firm that works on a variety of different projects. I helped digitally mock-up various war memorials and mural designs for various parts of the US. I worked mainly from home on Long Island and occasionally went into NYC for meetings. Mr.Nelson and I correspond constantly though skype and email. Current concept pending. Copyright LND 2010.

D.U.M.B.O District Mural Concept

This was my first assignment with Louis Nelson Design. I was asked to create an abstract mural for New York's D.U.M.B.O district (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge) using any one image of my choice for inspiration. This is one of the thirteen concepts I created for this mural juxtaposing the old 1930's black and white bridge with the new colorful modern bridge.

Professional Projects

Premier® Footcare

My first internship was in the summer of 2009. I worked for a much larger corporation helping with package and graphic design in the art department. I helped create mockups for new products and learned how to interact and collaborate with many other departments. I would commute from Long Island three days a week.

In this first project I was asked to create a mockup for a new package with all of the existing graphics. In the second project, I was only given the physical product and had to create its brand and package.

About Me

Who I am

Hi, my name is Jenna and in May 2011 I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor's of Industrial and Interaction Design degree. I grew up in Long Island, New York and I moved to Boston after graduation. Also, in the spring of 2010 I was very fortunate to study abroad in London, UK. Some of my favorite places I've traveled to include Morocco, Italy and The Netherlands. From camping with my family to traveling on my own in Europe, I'm constantly finding opportunities for design.

What I do

As an Industrial and Interaction designer I think the process of an idea or proposal is most important. Noticing the path a particular project took to get to its final stages is a very important part of being a designer. In my spare time I play Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate was a club sport that I have been a part of since I was a freshman at Syracuse and it is a sport I continue to play today. It not only currently keeps me active but it has also taught me a lot not only as a person but also as a designer.

I hope you enjoyed my work. Thanks for your time.

The End.


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